Prepare for battle, prepare for banter; it’s a gathering of the clans and may the fiercest warrior win!


Find your inner warrior and gather your clan

Speed. Strength. Skill.

And a See You Jimmy bonnet.

All are characteristics of Nae Limits Highland Games warriors. And let’s not forget a strong competitive streak. It’s not about taking part, it’s about victory—so gather your clan for a Scottish-style standoff that combines old-fashioned fun and tests your strength, wit and banter.

Clans range from stag and hen parties to families with a sense of fun.

No, the silly hats aren’t optional.

A Clan Chief (Nae Limits instructor) will help you battle your way to victory as you compete in classic Highland Games like Tug of War and Toss the Caber. We aim to include at least 5 elements to your session depending on the group size.

highland games at nae limits

a tradition like no other

Highland games are in ingrained in Scotland’s culture and have been a means to celebrate our community and heritage for centuries. Spectacle, sport, music, and dance combine into one big celebration of Highland culture. Each Highland games event has its own character (and characters!) but at their heart the games are a way to make new friends, show hospitality and have fun. (And let Highland warriors show off their strength, of course).

The Nae Limits Highland Games honour this tradition but with a few modern twists. Our famous BBQ gives hungry warriors a chance to fuel up before battle and the winning Clan walks away with a prize Bottle o’ Whisky or Prosecco. Competition is fierce!

Which clan has most fight?

Who will emerge a MacWinner?

Which team will hoist the Bottle o’ Whisky above their triumphant tartan bonneted bonce?

Who truly has nae limits?

ready for battle?

Highland Games faqs

Clan chieftain (staff member)

Prizes for the winners including A bottle of single malt

Zero inhibitions, a competitive streak and a basic level of fitness.

Sold footwear for stomping, running and digging in.

We advise 1.5 hours from start to finish, this includes safety briefing and walk to the games field.

Min age of 16 years old (families please call to discuss children under 16)

Basic level of fitness

Please make us aware of any previous injuries or health issues that may impact your

Please meet at the Nae Limits Activity Centre, PH9 0LG.  You must be there 15 mins prior to your start time.


Our Highland Games adventures are bespoke activities, and take a little extra planning. Get in touch to arrange your Highland Games day with Nae Limits by calling us on 01796 482600 or sending us a message.