The ultimate test of team work and communication. Is your team up for the challenge?


Test your Team’s Limits

Kascadia is Nae Limit’s ULTIMATE team building challenge. Designed to test your limits and take you out of your comfort zone, Kascadia is comprised of a variety of land and water-based challenges that only the quickest and sharpest will be able to solve. We’ve taken our local gorge and mapped out a serious of land and water-based activities that will test your teamwork and communication skills, with an added edge of adventure. Problem solve and tackle physical elements of the gorge with your team to ensure every member achieves success! This is a truly unique team building experience that requires every member to be in synchronisation to be able to achieve your goals.

kascadia at nae limits

a water fight for the ages

Named after the cascading waters of the gorge, get ready to get wet in Kascadia! All participants will need to bring adequate swimwear, towels and an old pair of trainers that you’re happy to get wet! Our Kascadia Masters will provide your team with helmets, harnesses, wetsuits and motivation throughout the challenge.

The benefits of team building days are endless. Whether you are a family or a workforce, you will see improvements in your communication, planning and delegating skills, as well as increasing employee motivation and collaborating between members. They are also fantastic icebreakers and allow people to see their colleagues in situations out with the usual office rigmarole. Why not race two teams against each other to see who gets the office bragging rights?

Step into the deep end with Kascadia!

ready to take the plunge?

kascadia faqs

Fully Qualified guide to 8 clients

Equipment; Helmets, harnesses, wetsuits and PFD’s

Transport to the venue from our activity centre

A sense of adventure and a basic level of fitness.

Swimwear, towel and an old pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet

3.5 hours including transport, kit up and safety briefing 

Meet at Nae Limits, Ballinluig, PH9 0LG – unless otherwise stipulated.