Canyoning journey into the depths of New Zealand


The Beginning Picture this; the early summer of 2023.  A quaint little pizza bar in Catalunya-Pirineus serves as the backdrop for an evening filled with excitement and promises; the next big adventure is going to be shared over beers following a hard day’s canyoning. Amidst laughter and pizza, Andrew Humphreys takes centre stage as he […]

Teens, Tweens and Everything In-between

DSC 6501

 The past 2 years have dealt us a challenging hand. After a long period of restrictions and “what-ifs,” we seem finally to have some sort of choice about what and where to go for family activities with the smaller family members this summer. Or do we? We, (in my case “I” as a single Mum) […]


New 2020

This year we are looking to expand our offering. Having listened to our customers more recently, we have taken on board your suggestions about possible new adventures and other offerings local to us; all which compliment your visit to Highland Perthshire. We know how hard it can be to organise multi-day trips filled with something […]