What Should I Wear To Go Canyoning?

A child in a wetsuit making a funny face

We know you can’t wait to get your harness on and tackle the gorge, but before you begin your Canyoning activity, you need to make sure you’ve brought the right clobber to best enjoy your experience without any hinderance from your clothing. All safety equipment required for your trip including wetsuits, helmets and harnesses will […]

What Should I Wear to go White Water Rafting?

a raft coming down a Scottish rapid

So, you’re all booked to go on your white water rafting activity with Nae Limits, but you don’t know what to wear? This handy guide will help you choose the most appropriate swimwear and clothing to ensure you are comfy, cosy and have a safe time when in the water. The Outer Layers We know […]