Calling Outdoor Lovers! Why You Should Visit Pitlochry This Summer

Footpath signs in the Scottish highlands marking distance and direction

Pitlochry is a picturesque town in Highland Perthshire. Surrounded by scenic forest trails and stunning views, Pitlochry is one of the most popular Scottish towns. Famed for its breath taking scenery, Pitlochry Festival Theatre and a rich Victorian history (Queen Victoria was fond of visiting Pitlochry), this idyllic town is also known as a hub […]

What Should I Wear To Go Canyoning?

A child in a wetsuit making a funny face

We know you can’t wait to get your harness on and tackle the gorge, but before you begin your Canyoning activity, you need to make sure you’ve brought the right clobber to best enjoy your experience without any hinderance from your clothing. All safety equipment required for your trip including wetsuits, helmets and harnesses will […]

What Equipment is Used to go Canyoning?

a group with their equipment about to canyoning

During your safety briefing at Nae Limits that is carried out prior to your activity, we will teach you all about the equipment you will need to use in order to carry out your Canyoning experience. Some of this equipment is for your safety while other items are provided to allow you to navigate the […]

Is Canyoning Safe?

Someone abseiling besides a waterfall with their thumb up

As with all the experiences offered with Nae Limits, we make safety our number one priority, ensuring every activity is adequately and regularly risk assessed and provided by highly trained guides. Canyoning as an activity includes a number of highly technical practises that if performed incorrectly could be potentially harmful for those attempting Canyoning without […]

How Much Does Canyoning Cost?

Someone mid air jumping off a waterfall

The cost to take part in one of our Canyoning sessions vary from trip to trip and depends on the different locations. We currently offer three Canyoning trips, with fourth looking to launch this year, all at different price points and for different abilities. Nae Limits also will consider offering group discounts for those looking […]

What is Canyoning?

2 people taking part in a canyoning trip descending the waterfalls

Canyoning is one of Nae Limits most popular activities, along with White Water Rafting and River Tubing. On the nearby Falls of Bruar, our Canyoning activities involve big slides and splashes as you navigate one of Perthshire’s most beautiful waterfalls. But what actually is Canyoning, and is it the activity for me? Read on to […]

Experience the best in adrenaline fuelled White Water Rafting with Nae Limits

a group posing in a raft

There’s a reason the locals in Perthshire rave about Nae Limits white water rafting trips. Our combination of awe-inspiring locations like the River Tay and River Tummel, experienced guides who’s two main focuses are safety and adventure, and stunning Perthshire views make a white water rafting trip with Nae Limits the number one choice for […]