How Much Does Canyoning Cost?

Someone mid air jumping off a waterfall

The cost to take part in one of our Canyoning sessions vary from trip to trip and depends on the different locations. We currently offer three Canyoning trips, with fourth looking to launch this year, all at different price points and for different abilities. Nae Limits also will consider offering group discounts for those looking […]

A Brief History on Canyoning

a person sliding down a waterfall on a canyoning trip

Canyoning, or Canyoneering is a popular outdoor activity amongst a wide range of people. From teenagers with no fear, to adults learning to face theirs, Canyoning is a great way to experience the local mountains and gorges in your own towns and abroad. Although mostly used now for entertainment purposes, Canyoning once had a more […]

What is Canyoning?

2 people taking part in a canyoning trip descending the waterfalls

Canyoning is one of Nae Limits most popular activities, along with White Water Rafting and River Tubing. On the nearby Falls of Bruar, our Canyoning activities involve big slides and splashes as you navigate one of Perthshire’s most beautiful waterfalls. But what actually is Canyoning, and is it the activity for me? Read on to […]